St. Charles County Sports Chiropractic and Performance Clinic

The F.I.R.M. is a chiropractic clinic located in St. Charles County. We strive to provide true patient centered care focusing on providing the best quality care possible. The doctors at The F.I.R.M. have had extensive training in a variety of post-graduate education that include chiropractic, manual therapy, rehab, nutrition and dry needling/acupuncture. Our doctors continue to learn and seek out additional education to provide our patients with our unique approach to chiropractic care.

Our goal is not only get you out of pain, but provide you with the tools to help you stay pain free and performing! We want our patients to not only perform on the field, but be able to perform at their best in everyday life. Whether it is getting back to competition or playing with your grand kids The F.I.R.M. wants to help you achieve your goals and get you back to doing what you love to do! 

Chiropra​ctic Adjustments

Ac​tive Release Technique

Dry Needling/


Kinesio/ RockTape


Cust​om Foot Orthotics

Sports  Physicals

The F.I.R.M. Approach

The F.I.R.M. Performance Clinic provides patient centered, evidence based care for a wide variety of conditions. When it comes to performance we don't just think it means performing on the field, but being able to perform your best in everyday life as well. When you come into the clinic our goal is to not just get you out of pain, but get to the source of the problem. Often times the area of pain isn't the source of the problem. If the source of the problem isn't correctly addressed the pain will return. This is why we perform a detailed exam on the first visit, so we are able to come up with a personalized treatment plan to not only address your pain but the source of the problem. We strive to provide the highest quality care possible which is why all of our sessions are one-on-one hands on care with the doctor. 

The F.I.R.M. has a true passion to help others achieve their goals whether it is being able to play with your kids or returning to the athletic arena. Our greatest reward is returning you to a healthy, active lifestyle in the shortest timeframe possible. Our combination of chiropractic, manual therapy (ART,FAKTR), dry needling, functional rehab, and nutrition allow us to offer a unique approach to treatment. This unique approach allows us to provide our patients in Cottleville, St Peters, St Charles, O'Fallon, and St Charles County, Mo with the most up to date cutting edge care.